Gwendolynn Murphy

Gwendolynn possesses a versatile background in theater, film, dance, sports, hosting and court reporting. During her three seasons as an NBA Dallas Mavericks Dancer, she quickly learned to juggle careers. For the past few years, if she wasn’t touring the US performing “Marilynn” (self-created character), hosting games for the Allen Americans Central Hockey League team or writing verbatim testimony, Gwendolynn sought out opportunities to challenge herself as an actress in a variety of roles. To date, her favorite film role is costarring as a homeless woman, Kathy Barnes, in this year’s award-winning feature film HIDING IN PLAIN SIGHT. Other notable roles include starring as Lenna, a U.S. Marine, in OUR WAY OUT, which won Best of Show at the 2012 Lake Charles Film Festival and selected for the LA Action On Film Festival, and costarring as Annie Adams in WHERE I FIND PEACE, which won her the Best Actress award at the 2013 Lake Charles Film Festival.

Best Actress Nomination – Bare Bones Film Festival
Best Actress Award – 2013 Lake Charles Film Festival
Best Actress Nomination – 2010 Hill Country Film Festival
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