Roderick R. Crowder

Roderick Crowder is full-time faculty and Engineering Curriculum Chair in the School of Engineering & Technology at Richland College of the Dallas County Community College District Prf. Crowder earned his bachelor of science; master of science and PhD [ABD] in electrical engineering from the University of Texas at Arlington with interests in communication systems; electromagnetics; sustainable energy design; RFID; engineering education; additive manufacturing; intelligent manufacturing system design; and manufacturing system process automation. His professional career spans the semiconductor, petrochemical, telecommunication, information technology, consulting and higher education sectors. his professional and teaching philosophy is centered on expanding access and providing the tools and skills necessary for students to persist and graduate. As a result, he has created numerous transfer guides; pathways; degrees;  articulation; and transfer agreements at the local, state and national level to simply student matriculation. He currently serves on several committees, advisory boards and research grants committed to STEM education, student retention and success. He is a member of ETA Kappa Nu and the Order of the Engineer.

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